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MARCH GROUP: stun guns for export

Section:  Company news   // date 11.09.2019
One of the indicators of the quality of any product is its popularity abroad. This criterion is especially important when it comes to specific products such as safety equipment. If we evaluate from this point of view the stun guns manufactured by the Moscow «MARCH GROUP» company, there is no reason to doubt their reliability and quality. The company's products have long been well known in many countries of the world.    Read more

The chickens came home to roost

Section:  Company news   // date 17.06.2014
Programme producer Vasiliy apply all three electric shockers to Aleksander. The results have approved forward estimates.The first was nothing out of the common, the second was middling and the third was powerful.    Read more

Innovations in the World of Electric-shock Weapon

Section:  Company news   // date 02.12.2013
Two new stun guns were added to the product line of non-military electric shockers. There are «Karakurt-Mini» and AIR «M-140».    Read more

Electric Shocker Plus GP ReCyko+

Section:  Company news   // date 24.01.2013
After long laboratory researches  «MARCH GROUP» has equiped their products with new GP ReCyko+ accumulators. Besides their ease of use and economy new generation accumulators are eco-friendly.    Read more
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