Electric Shocker Plus GP ReCyko+

After long laboratory researches  «MARCH GROUP» has equiped their products with new GP ReCyko+ accumulators. Besides their ease of use and economy new generation accumulators are eco-friendly.

All MARCH's stun guns have been equipped with GP ReCyko+ since November, 2011.

The advantages of new accumulators are obviously:

  • self-discharge of  GP ReCyko+ is less than 20% per year (compared to common accumulator with  20% per month). You should charge an old accumulator monthly, if you don't use your device. Now you need to charge it once a year or after every usage.
  • Overcharging is not critical for GP ReCyko+ . There is no necessity to watch over the time of recharge.
  • New accumulators have increased electrochemical capacity. That means that the effectiveness of use has increased.
  •  GP ReCyko+ accumulator optimized for 1000 cycles of recharge. Usage of GP ReCyko+ allow to save the environment by reducing amount of recycled batteries.

«MARCH GROUP» confirms leader status among russian developers and manufacturers of electric shock weapon by constantly perfection it's products with clean and  innovation technologies.

About us

«MARCH GROUP» has been working for more than 20 years. Meanwhile it has become a leading company among manufacturers of electric shock weapon and special accessories. Full details about the company and its products you can find on stun-gun.ru.

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