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INTERPOLITEX — 2022. Final

Section:  Excibitions   // date 21.10.2022
The company «MARCH GROUP», a leading manufacturer of electroshock weapons and security equipment, takes an active part in industry exhibitions, both in Russia and abroad. The partnership with Rosoboronexport and the joint exposition of products at the stand of the state-owned company allowed MART GROUP to significantly expand its audience at the exhibition.    Read more


Section:  Excibitions   // date 22.09.2022
The MART GROUP company, a leading Russian developer and manufacturer of electroshock weapons and security equipment, takes part in the exhibition program of the ARMY Forum every year.    Read more

INTERPOLITEX — 2021. Final

Section:  Excibitions   // date 26.10.2021
The «MARCH GROUP» company, a leading manufacturer of electroshock weapons and security equipment, takes an active part in specialized exhibitions in different parts of the world. Of course, «MARCH GROUP» is a permanent participant of the INTERPOLITEX exhibition held in Moscow.      Read more

Army-2021. Final

Section:  Excibitions   // date 31.08.2021
The VII International Military-Technical Forum «ARMY» will be held in Kubinka near Moscow on August 22-28, 2021. The demo program will demonstrate by «MARCH GROUP» - a leading Russian developer and manufacturer of law enforcement electroshock devices.    Read more


Section:  Excibitions   // date 09.08.2021
On August 28, the ceremonial closing of the VII International Military-Technical Forum «ARMY» took place, which was held for a week in Kubinka near Moscow. As in previous years, the «MARCH GROUP» company took part in the demonstration program of the forum.    Read more


Section:  Excibitions   // date 26.10.2020
XXIV International Exhibition Interpolitex-2020 was provided in Moscow on the 20-23th of October. It provided with the latest development tools in the field of security. «March Group» regularly presents its products at the exhibition. «March Group» presented its products on the ROSOBORONEXPORT exhibit rack. It is the only one state corporation-intermediary for the export and import of military and dual-use products and tec...    Read more


Section:  Excibitions   // date 20.10.2020
XXIV  International Exhibition Interpolitex-2020, provided with the latest development tools in the field of security, will be held on the 20-23 of October in the 57-th pavilion of VDNKh. March Group, a leading Russian developer and manufacturer of electric shock weapons, will also present its products at the exhibition. The exposition of March Group is interactive and always attracts wide attention. Visitors can not only get answers to thei...    Read more


Section:  Excibitions   // date 25.11.2019
On November 19-22, the 21st International Exhibition MILIPOL PARIS 2019 was held in the capital of France. This major forum on security issues has been held since 1984, and for the seventh time the «MARCH GROUP» company participated in it.    Read more

Milipol Paris 2019

Section:  Excibitions   // date 11.11.2019
From November 19 to 22, the largest international exhibition MILIPOL Paris will be held at the Paris-Nord Villepinte exhibition center. For the seventh time, the Moscow company «MARCH GROUP», a leading Russian developer and manufacturer of electric shock weapons and safety equipment, will take part in the exhibition.    Read more

INTERPOLITEX-2019. The results.

Section:  Excibitions   // date 28.10.2019
At the company's booth, visitors to the exhibition got acquainted with samples of firing stun guns, various models of which are intended both for self-defense of citizens and for employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The ability to make a training shot from a shocker at a target for many aroused enthusiasm and a desire to immediately try out the possibilities of contact-remote ESH.    Read more


Section:  Excibitions   // date 14.10.2019
On October 22-25, the main exhibition venue of the country - VVC - will host the 23rd International Exhibition of State Security Means INTERPOLITEX — 2019. As in previous years, the exhibition will be attended by the company «MARCH GROUP» - a leading Russian manufacturer of stun guns and security equipment.    Read more


Section:  Excibitions   // date 02.07.2019
The anniversary, fifth International Forum «ARMY-2019» has ended. The «MARCH GROUP» company took part in the events of the forum. At its booth in the exhibition hall, the company demonstrated product samples, including new items.    Read more

EDEX 2018

Section:  Excibitions   // date 10.12.2018
On December 3-5, the international defense exhibition EDEX (Egypt Defense Expo) took place in Cairo. The event was attended by the Russian company «MARCH GROUP», the largest developer and manufacturer of stun guns and safety equipment.    Read more


Section:  Excibitions   // date 06.11.2018
Visitors to the exhibition had the opportunity not only to examine samples of contact-stun guns from «MARCH GROUP», but also to test them in action. Training shots at the target perfectly demonstrate the defensive capabilities of shooting shockers!    Read more


Section:  Excibitions   // date 06.11.2018
Due to the active participation of «MARCH GROUP» in international industry exhibitions, the company's products are well known in many foreign countries. The company has representatives in more than 30 countries. The exhibition in Azerbaijan provided an opportunity to get acquainted with the products of «MARCH GROUP» now also to residents of the Transcaucasian region.    Read more


Section:  Excibitions   // date 27.08.2018
According to the established tradition, the company «MART GROUP» once again successfully participated in the exhibition ARMY-2018, held August 21-26. Exhibition events were held at the PATRIOT Convention and Exhibition Center, at the airfield in Kubinka and at the ALABINO training ground.    Read more


Section:  Excibitions   // date 04.12.2017
The 20th jubilee International Exhibition MILIPOL-2017 was completed on the 24th of November. This high profile forum has been held since 1984. «MARCH» took part in this exhibition for sixth time.    Read more


Section:  Excibitions   // date 24.10.2017
On the 17-20th of October in VDNKH Pavilion were very crowded. There were held the 21st International Exhibition «INTERPOLITEX-2017», dedicated to security matters which is a topical subject.    Read more

IPAS 2016

Section:  Excibitions   // date 21.11.2016
October 17-20 in Tehran hosted the 15th International exhibition of police equipment, security tools and protection «IPAS 2016». Partner companies in Iran showcased products of company «MARCH».    Read more

The MILIPOL PARIS 2015 – Safety with a big S

Section:  Excibitions   // date 24.11.2015
The 19th Worldwide Exhibition of internal State security was held in Paris on the 17-20th of November. «MARCH GROUP» took part in this event as a leading manufacturer of remote and contact electric shockers.    Read more

SFITEX-2014: Safety St. Petersburg

Section:  Excibitions   // date 18.11.2014
The 23th International exhibition of security and fire protection equipment and products «SFITEX-2014» was held in Expoforum in St. Petersburg on the 11-13 of November.    Read more


Section:  Excibitions   // date 29.10.2014
The 18th International exhibition was held in Moscow Exhibition Center on the 21-24th of October. «MARCH GROUP» as usual took part in this arrangement.    Read more

Сәлем Қазақстаннан! Results of Participation in KADEX -2014

Section:  Excibitions   // date 10.06.2014
International exhibition of weapons systems and military equipment KADEX-2014  was held within the period from May 22 to May 25 in Astana city. «MARCH GROUP» took part in this arrangement for the second time.    Read more

Green Berets with Stun Guns

Section:  Excibitions   // date 28.05.2014
Tests for right to keep green beret were held on the 27th of May in Moscow on the base of special operations detachment  «Fakel». Within the framework of the activity there were an exhibition of military machinery and weapon in which «MARCH GROUP» has participated.    Read more

Productive «Bezpeka»

Section:  Excibitions   // date 22.10.2013
The second time in this autumn «MARCH GROUP» come back from Kiev where it has been presented corporate interests. This time it was the 18th kievan exhibition «Bezpeka» which means «Safety».    Read more

«MARCH GROUP» Kiev Meetings

Section:  Excibitions   // date 07.10.2013
«MARCH GROUP» presented its products on the 10-th international exhibition «Arms and Security-2013» in Intenational Kiev Exhibition Centre on the 25-28th of September.    Read more

«Security and Safety Technologies» forum

Section:  Excibitions   // date 22.02.2013
From 12 till 15 February 2013 «MARCH GROUP» presented a new electric shock device «Karakurt-Mini» on the anniversary forum «Security and Safety Technologies».     Read more
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