«Cerberus» - electroshock device with the function of an electromagnetic metal detector

Cerberus is a unique combination of eddy current detector and law enforcement electroshock device.

In case of abnormal behavior of suspect the detector will improve operation efficiency of staff members.


  • time proved and reliable metal detector with stun gun function;
  • electronic scheme of electroshock part is made using the FLYBACK topology;
  • removable Ni-MH rechargeable battery;
  • metal detection indicator;
  • on-off switch in metal detector mode;
  • on key in electroshock mode;
  • battery discharge indication;
  • selector between metal detector and electroshock modes;
  • strike electrodes;
  • chopping electrodes (for visual shock).


Metal Detector

  • Sound and light indication;
  • Sensibility:
  1. Makarov’s gun - 160 mm;
  2. Bayonet knife - 110 mm;
  3. Steel Plate - 150 mm;
  4. operating frequency - 50 kHz.

Electroshock device

Powerful stun gun supports quick neutralization of violators in cases of resistance and abnormal behavior. Strike electrodes are located on the outer side of the body frame. One-second effect is enough ta cause pain shock. Longer-term effects from second may lead to short (up to 10 minutes) faint.

The electronic part is made using FLYBACK topology. The reverse transducers provides automatic adjustment of the output power level depending on the battery charge level. Thus, the power of shock will be constantly high, even if the battery is not fully-charged.

  • Power rating delivered into load: 2÷3 Watts or (7-10 Watts for law enforcement structures);
  • Peak open circuit arcing voltage: 70 000÷120 000 V;
  • Operating Temperature range: Ni-MH cells: -10ºC to 50ºC.

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