MARCH GROUP: stun guns for export

One of the indicators of the quality of any product is its popularity abroad. This criterion is especially important when it comes to specific products such as safety equipment. If we evaluate from this point of view the stun guns manufactured by the Moscow «MARCH GROUP» company, there is no reason to doubt their reliability and quality. The company's products have long been well known in many countries of the world.

The «MARCH GROUP» company has been operating for more than 25 years. Over the years, the young company has achieved the status of a leading developer and manufacturer of stun guns. The company produces both special equipment for the police and civilian models for self-defense.

One of the main factors for successful product promotion can be called original development and strict quality control. On the basis of the enterprise, a research laboratory “Expertise EShU” was created, the work of which is to look for opportunities to improve the characteristics of manufactured products. The company has more than 18 patents for inventions and industrial designs.

By regularly participating in international specialized exhibitions, «MARCH GROUP» company was able to convey information about its products to foreign experts. The results were not long in coming: today the company has representative offices in more than 10 countries, and the geography of the partnership is constantly growing. MART GROUP stun guns are sold in countries of Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa, South America.

Representatives of «MARCH GROUP» company work in the Baltic countries, the CIS, France, the Czech Republic, India, Bangladesh, Syria, Jordan, Argentina, Nigeria, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Egypt, Togo.

There is good reason to expect that soon the geography of international cooperation «MARCH GROUP» will reach other countries, in addition to those listed. The negotiations are underway, and their completion promises to be the beginning of a fruitful partnership.

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