Stun gun «Karakurt – Mini»

Original rounded forms of stun gun «Karakurt – Mini» make it looks like stylish accessory.

The head of «Karakurt-Mini» contains two metal electrodes. These electrodes direct the charge to the electrodes on the cartridge to initiate deployment of the probes. In addition, you can use «Karakurt-Mini» for a drive-stun impact.

Accumulator should be recharged once a year if you don’t use stun gun or after each use.

Name Value
Action (contact/shoot): Contact/shoot
Power: Li-Pol accumulator
Length (L): 132±3 mm.
Height (H): 66±1 mm.
Width (W): 35±1 mm.
Power: 3÷10 Vt.
Voltage: 70 000÷120 000 W.
Electric Quantity: 32 000 µC.
Recommend contact time: 1 sec.
Average duration of quit from the state of shock: 10 min.
The thickness of the breakdown of clothes: 15 mm.
Body material: ABS plastic
Sales conditions: With 18 years without license
Weight w/o package: 165±20 g.


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