Autonomous portable igniter «EZAM»

Autonomous portable igniter «EZAM» is designed for safe comfortable distance igniting pilot of lights, boiler units and other burner devices.

Burner devices can operate on gas or liquid fuel (patrol, diesel, oil).

Chamber boilers and other boiler equipment, oil heaters, furnaces and flare systems can be easily lit by the igniter's electrical discharge.

The lack of wires makes igniting flames safe easy and convenient.

The igniter competes of replaceable accumulator with symmetrical arrangement of output electrodes. It is provide the easily and prompt replacement of the power source. Charging of battery takes place of external charger.

The accumulator will be recharged from time to time (no less than once a year) on 8-12 hours; otherwise the accumulator degrades their characteristics over time and can be easily damage.

Structure of igniter

The case of igniter makes of fiber glass and has cylinder form. The beam - extender (3) has the protective cap (2) at the end, which is located one working electrode inside (1), the second working electrode is the protective cap.

There is replaceable accumulator, pulse converter of voltage and high-voltage transformer in the case of igniter.

In the middle of case is dividing ring (4) which installed start-button and safety lock (5).

When the mechanical safety lock is unlocked (by moving the safety lock from the start-button) and pressing start-button occurred the discharges between the electrodes which incendiary the air-gas mixture.

Autonomous portable igniter «EZAM». Manufacturer

1. Work electrode
2. Second electrode (protection)
3. Extender- rod
4. Case
5. Interlock (safetylever), «Start» button, indicator


Name Value
The voltage of the discharge with a discharge gap of 5 mm 10÷25 kV
The power allocated to the equivalent load of 1 kOhm 5÷10 W
The number of cycles when the replaceable accumulator is fully charged (3 second discharge -10 seconds break) not less than 100
Number of cycles «charge - discharge» of replaceable power supply not less than 400
Dimensions (basic model) Ø 52,5±1,5 х 1160(*)±10 мм
Weight (basic model) 0,9 ± 0,05 kg
Time of tip stay in the flame after ignition of the mixture not more than 5 seconds

*Depending on the needs of the customer, it is possible to produce various sizes of the working part of the igniter from 20 to 200 cm.

Possible sizes of electric igniter for boiler rooms EZAM. Manufacturer

Additional option

  • The ability to install a special attachment with the lamp to facilitate ignition

lantern Features

  • Degree of protection: IP64
  • Distance of illumination (m): 10
  • Luminous Flux (lm): 4
  • Light sources: 5 LEDs with diffuser
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Batteries: 1 X AA complete

Working conditions

  • Ambient temperature - from -20 °C to +50 °C.
  • Air humidity - 95% at a temperature of 25 °C.
  • Lack in air of vapour and corrosive gases in concentrations destroying elements of the product.
  • Absence of explosive gas components in the air.

Technical documentation and Descriptions

Dimensions, weight and specifications are for reference only.
*Additional options of products in line with customer and cost base are not included.
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