Introducing a new modification of the training knife «COACH»

«MARCH GROUP» company considers the development of training materials, models and simulators to be one of the important aspects of its activities. These products are intended for the development of skills by employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and personnel of other structures in the use of security equipment.

Relatively recently, the company offered Training centers to try out a novelty: a training knife «COACH». The knife is designed to practice knife fighting techniques and effective defense against the enemy with cold weapons.

We have received good feedback. All comments, criticism and suggestions have been analyzed. The result was the development of an improved modification of the training knife — «COACH» (type 03).

Like the previous model, Type 02, the knife is equipped with a light and sound touch indication. In addition, the «COACH» type 03 has a built-in spark gap to imitation a cut. The power of the electric shock device is small, but even the slightest touch of the knife, which in a real situation would cause a cut, will not go unnoticed during training.

Thus, the options of a training knife will increase the effectiveness of training both for a fighter practicing knife fighting techniques and for someone who is practicing knife defense techniques.

The balancing and weight of the training knife are unified, and correspond to the «average» knife. The handle and guard provide a comfortable and reliable grip.

The knife is made of two-component polyurethane rubber, a strong and flexible tip ensures the safety of training. The material retains its elasticity even in the cold, which allows for productive training in the open air.

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