Modernization of video viewing devices «Periscope-PRO»

  • Modernization of video viewing devices «Periscope-PRO»

The «Periscope-PRO» video viewing device was developed in 2015 and was presented at international exhibitions (Interpolitech, Sfitex, MilipolParis). The device is designed for inspection of vehicles and cargo, machinery, poorly lit rooms and other hard-to-reach places. The Periscope-PRO is indispensable for the inspection of large-sized objects (vehicles, rail transport, cargo) to ensure transport security.

Today video inspection devices are widely used at customs inspection points, by security personnel, etc.

However, technologies are changing and improving. Company «MARCH GROUP» found it necessary to improve the technical and tactical characteristics of the device and add new options. The upgraded «Periscope-PRO» received:

  • An advanced camera with a resolution of 1080 p and automatic LED backlight;
  • The ability to control the camera using a joystick;
  • New monitor 1024x600 pixels;
  • Built-in microphone for sound recording;
  • Recording 5 MP on a 128 GB TF memory card;
  • Li-Pol battery 5200 mAh, provides 8 hours of continuous operation.

Video viewing devices «Periscope-PRO» has four versions (basic one with video inspection; basic + the radio channel for video transmission; basic + the possibility of recording; with all options).

Thus, for the next at least five years, the «Periscope-PRO» will again become one of the most modern and optional device for the inspection of vehicles and cargo.

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