Innovations in the World of Electric-shock Weapon

Two new stun guns were added to the product line of non-military electric shockers. There are «Karakurt-Mini» and AIR «M-140».

This fall new stun gun models were presented on «Bezlek» and «Arms and Security» in Kiev,  «Interpolitex» in Moscow, «Sfitex» in Saint-Petersburg. New products were demostrated on «Milipol» in Paris too.

Primarily both of new stun guns are different from anothers  by their shapes. They don't look like a baton or other models which «MARCH GROUP» produces.

AIR «M-140» is made to the shape of pistol. It will catch fancy of them who like when  weapon is similar to weapon.  The length is about 15,4 cm, the height — 11,4 cm, the weight - 250 g. It's rather compact model. You can easily and unnoticed carry it in your bag or in the pocket of your jacket. New AIR has additory functions such as laseraim, LED flashalight and mono display with charging indication. Expect release data - second quater of 2014.

Original rounded forms of «Karakurt-Mini» will make it popular among aesthets, who care not only about the functionality but about the form. This electric shocker is the smallest among all MARCH's devices and looks like stylish accessory.  The length of «Mini» is only 132 mm, the width of head is 60 mm, the width of handle is 35mm. The weight of stun gun is only 165 g. Expect release data - second quater of 2014.

Both of these stun guns you can use contact or remote. Shooting cartridge «UTED» and sound-and-light cartridge «KCC». You increase efficiency of electric shock weapon when you use cartridges.

«MARCH GROUP» companies have been working on the russian market since 1993. They have become a leading company among developers and manufacturers of electric shock weapon and special accessories. Full information about the company you can find on

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