History of Development

It's starting to hit the fan in 1992 when austrian electroshock baton came to hands of company's sharers. Quality of another products which were presented on the russian market was low and manufacturers posed a challenge. Perspective of this business was obviously.

Talent and smart product engineers had developed the first original electroshock baton «Scorpion». This model is proprietary. Native sparker got the consumer acceptance. This fact gain sharers over to a cause.

The first success has inspired the idea of creating a specialized enterprise for the production of electro-shock weapons. However, RF Law of 1994 «On weapons»  prohidited  possession and use of electro-shock weapons by citizens and disturbed sharer's plans. But the solution was found. It was decided to orient production  on security agencies use.

There are some differences in civil's and member's of power ministries requirements. Experiments and development which involved medical, radio and defense experts made it possible to determine the optimal parameters of electroshock weapons. New electric shock device which meets requirements of security agencies was the result ot these experiments.

MARCH GROUP specialists took part in new RF Law of 1997 «On weapons» developement. As a result there was repeal of a ban of electro-shock weapons.

Testing laboratory was organized in 2000. It's activity is intended on constantly perfection of output models.

First contact and remote stun guns were developed in 2006. It was brand new product in Russia.The body is made of fiberglass. This helps to avoid mechanic damage and allow to use electric shocker as a baton. High spark frequency makes this stun gun very efficient.

Nowadays  «MARCH GROUP» has all opportunities for realization. New improved models have appeared. Sustainable consumer needs and customer reviews confirm a leading position of the company in this business.

«MARCH GROUP» company is the undisputed leader among domestic manufacturers of electro-shock devices. Russian Legislation has prohibited use and expansion of  sun guns of foreign manufacturers. This request is not critical for customers.The production of «MARCH GROUP» surpass its foreign counterparts.

All stun guns which «MARCH GROUP» produces, were developed by company's product engineers. Each stun gun goes through 5 stages of  function test.proper sales departments realize «MARCH» products both at retail and online. You can buy electric shockers factory price to public in  many russian cities. Customer can pay  anywise. The company orients on  long-term relations with customers. «MARCH» also provides guarantee maintenance of it's products. When the warraty ends our service center can provide post-guarantee maintenance. Each our customer can rely on the necessary advisory services and help of our specialists.

Main activity of «MARCH GROUP» company fully conforms to RF Legislation «Weapons Act» and other legal enactments. All products are certified, which is confirmed by relevant documents.

The company's management believes that success can only be clear business. Specifity of products requires more scrupulosity in statutory questions. The company has manufacturing licence and licence to trade weapons.  It is interesting to note that manufacturing licence was the first alike document granted in Russia. More of that,  «MARCH GROUP» is in Register of Moscow small business entity (N7702-226713). It gets a  license to exhibit weapons (LEYU N0001683), because  «MARCH» is an active exhibition's partner and usually picks up awards.

Not only private actors among our buyers but also security agencies. «MARCH» products include in  «Decision on approval of the list of special means consisting on arms of law enforcement bodies of the Russian Federation Affairs». The company have produced stun guns  which are in the inventory of Interior Ministry of Russia since 2000. Drug enforcement agency, Bailiff Department, Federal Service for Corrections and Private Security Agencies consider our company as a reliable supplier.

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