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«MARCH GROUP» LTD  - the leading Russian manufacturer and supplier on the market of non-lethal weapon of self-defense.
Competition basis of the company is the production of electric-shock weapon. MARCH produces and sales about 60% of total consumer market of Russian electric shockers manufacturers.

«MARCH GROUP» LTD has unique experience in technology implementation. All these technologies are based engineering developments. With the aim to create competitive products and to expand sales area the company also holds Research and Advanced Development and improve the product range.
Group of companies «March» has more than 18 patents for inventions, industrial designs.

The company «March» has been working on the market of self-defense for 30 years. It is continually evolving over the years. «March» has developed a reputation as a reliable partner not only for citizens but also for the security forces.


The leading Russian companies and organizations from different sectors of the economy, public authorities are the customers of «March». «MARCH GROUP» LTD  is the official supplier of the next structures of the Interior Ministry of Russia:

  • The Russian Ministry of Interior Affaires
  • The Russian National Guards
  • Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation
  • FSIN- Federal Prisons Service
  • FSSP - Federal Bailiff of Russia
  • FSUE «Departmental Security of Railway Transport of the Russian Federation»
  • FSUE «Departmental Security Service of Minenergo»
  • FSUE «Departmental Security Service of the Ministry of Finance»
  • FSUE «Russian Post»
  • FSUE «Atom-security»
  • FSUE «STC Roskosmos protection»

More than 150 private-security companies of the country use the devices of this Company. There are more than 200 thousand stun guns and more than 170 thousand shoot cartridges which MARCH GROUP has produced for all the time. Their total capacity is above 1 million watts.


«MARCH GROUP» company looks toward the expanding of the geography of its activities by implementing its products not only in Russia and the CIS, but also throughout the world. Already, the company has representatives in more than 10 countries, including the Baltic States, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, France, Czech Republic, Bangladesh, India, Jordan, Argentina, Nigeria, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and Togo.

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