Metal detector with built-in electroshock «Cerberus» AIR «EM-411» type 01

Cerberus is a unique combination of eddy current detector and law enforcement electroshock device. In case of abnormal behavior of suspect the detector will improve operation efficiency of staff members.

Highly sensitive inspection metal detector with effective electroshock for security, designed in really modern level!

Metal detector + the security

Металлодетектор с функцией ЭШУ Церберус

  • Unique combination of two modern devices: highly sensitive metal detector and 1st class power electroshock device, which scheme is built on FLYBACK topology
  • Increase the efficiency of action employees in cases inappropriate behavior inspected person
  • Reducing the reaction time when countering an intruder
  • Compact device replacing the two security features:
    Металлодетектор с функцией ЭШУ Церберус
    • Instant switch to shock mide
    • Warning signal (sound signal)
    • The strongest psychological effect when tripping electrodes operate
    • Removable Ni-MH removable battery

Combining experience in the development, manufactures have created an innovative product, which in terms of the amount of working qualities has no analogues in the market.


Металлодетектор с функцией ЭШУ Церберус

  • Replacement battery socket (1).
  • Button «on/off» in metal detector mode or «START» button in ESD mode (2).
  • Charge indicator (3).
  • Mode switch (4).
  • Metal detection indicator (5).
  • cutting electrodes (For visual Idle discharge) (6).
  • 3 battle electrodes (7).

Detector part

Металлодетектор с функцией ЭШУ Церберус

  • Sound and light alarm;
  • Scan mode dynamic
  • Sensor type «flat»
  • Sensitivity:
    • Makarov's gun - 160 mm;
    • Bayonet knife - 110 mm;
    • Steel plate (100*100*1mm) - 150 mm;
    • Operating frequency 20-50 kHz

The scanning speed of the search element above the surface of the test object should be from 0.1 to 0.5 m/s.

Electroshock device

Металлодетектор с функцией ЭШУ Церберус

A powerful electric shock will quickly neutralize the violator in the event of resistance or other manifestations of inadequate behavior. The electrodes of the shocker are located on the outer end of the metal detector. Effects lasting up to 1 second are sufficient to eliminate aggression from the violator, and the use of the device within 2-3 seconds can cause disorientation and a short (up to 10 minutes) shock state.

The electronic part is made using the FLYBACK topology. The reverse transducer provides automatic adjustment of the output power level depending on the battery charge level. Thus, the discharge power of the electric shock will be constantly high, even if the battery is not fully charged.

Металлодетектор с функцией ЭШУ Церберус

  • Power class: 1st
  • Power: 2-3 (7-10**) Watt
  • Voltage: 70 000 - 90 000 (70 000 - 120 000**) V
  • Operating temperature range: -20...+50°С
**Law enforcement electroshock devices


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