Electric Shield «Skala»

This product is intended for causing of non-lethal injuries by series of electric current pulses of high voltage.

This effect is achieved by a contact of the offender with working AIR-107 «SCORPION-A» (350) electroshock device in open areas. This product is also used for law enforcement official’s protection against mechanical impacts, including strikes with sticks, batons, metal bars, stones, bricks, bottles, etc.

The electric-shock shield will facilitate police work in different cases such as raging football fans, various unauthorized rallies and demonstrations, other cases of mass riots.

Type 01 (Detachable electroshock device)

A new MARСH’s development will make antiriot shield more functional. The innovation is in unification of the two items of interior ministry member’s equipment: shield and AIR-107 «Scorpion-A» (350) electroshock device.

Type 01 (Detachable electroshock device).
Where: 1- Conductive surface of the shield; 2 - Detachable electroshock device; 3 - Mount system for the installation of the electroshock device and its quick removal

Type 02 (built-in ESD)

Type 02 (built-in ESD).
Where: 1- Conductive surface of the shield; 2 - Detachable electroshock device;

Additional option-Self-damping

Special fire-fightning composition applied to the surface of the shield makes it possible to put out the blaze within 5 seconds (for example, after using the Molotov Cocktail), which provides to ensure additional safety of special divisions.

The self-extinguishing police shield can be supplied as a separate product, or as an option to expand the capabilities of the «Skala» shield.

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