Visual Inspection Device «Periscop-PRO» (type 04, full)

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This video inspection device is intended for visual examination of objects (motor vehicles, plane compartments or trains, etc.) to detect suspicious items (explosive substances, weapon, containers with drugs, etc.), video- and photo-recording and remote video-signal transmission to external device (TV set, video-signal recording unit, video-recorder)*  If necessary, the search can be recorded on a microSD-card.**


  • Telescopic handle 955 ± 10 mm … 1730 ± 10 mm (without battery, base camera, monitor, recording unit, radio transmission unit and additional equipment)
  • Removable Ni-MH battery 12, 2000 mA/h. Time work without recharging the battery - up to 5 hours
  • Removable waterproof 7 inch monitor with a removable visor
  • Moisture and dust protection not less than IP-54
  • Light weight (1.5 kg when a Ni-MH battery is used)
  • Removable PAL colour camera with automatic IR illumination, matrix resolution 542 x 492 px
  • Quick and easy battery change (convenient magnetic latch for battery replacement)
  • Operating temperature range — -20…+50°С

Additional characteristics (by agreement with customer)

  • Possibility of replacement of the IR camera with a 12 mm endoscope camera with LED-backlight, 1 m long.
  • Removable Li-ion battery 12V, 2400 mA/h. Time work without recharging the battery - up to 6 hours.
  • Possibility of replacement of the monitor with video glasses.


The periscope-PRO video inspection device is available in four versions. Each performance is equipped with a specific set of options.

Additional options

  • *Ability to transmit video signal wirelessly over a radio channel to a TV-set (up to 100 m) (type 02 and type 04)
  • **Recording 32 Gb of video (AVI) or photos (jpg) on an microSD card in manual and automatic mode (motion sensor) (type 03 and type 04)

Equipment (type 04, full)

  • «Periscop-PRO»
  • Picture monitor
  • Ni-MH battery
  • Camera
  • + Radio channel
  • + Block record photos and videos
  • + microSD card to 32GB

Technical documentation and Descriptions

Dimensions, weight and specifications are for reference only.
*Additional options of products in line with customer and cost base are not included.
Product video

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