Nozzle «Light» (type 01)

All  electroshock batons of «Scorpion» production batch can be updated with «Light» nozzles (type 01, type 02). Depending on model nozzles are distinguished  from each other by the size of hanging part.

You can use nozzles with the next devices:

  • «AIR-107U» (manuf. 350)
  • Electroshock device AIR-107 «Scorpion-A» (350)
  • Electroshock device AIR-107 «Scorpion-A» (350) SK

You can fill the can with the nozzle through special charging socket on light. Сharging procedure is the same like when you use charging unit or automobile charge.

Name Value
Material plastics ABS
Length 58±1 mm
Diameter 54,3±1 mm
Weight, no more than 58±5 g
  • It is used only with the stun gun (stand-alone use of the nozzle is no provision)
  • Nozzle «Light» is intended for usage as an additional light unit of local lighting at night
  • To activate nozzle «Light» please press circuit-breaking push on the body of nozzle.
  • Nozzle supplies by stun gun's accumulator.

Operating conditions:

  • Ambient temperature from -20 ° C to + 50 ° C.
  • The relative humidity of ambient air, no more than 98% at + 25 ° C.
  • Working position in space is arbitrary.


Set the nozzle should be done only when the mechanical interlock (fuse) «Start» button is in the «lock» position (key lock has to be shifted towards «Start» button).

Technical documentation and Descriptions

Dimensions, weight and specifications are for reference only.
*Additional options of products in line with customer and cost base are not included.
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