The award has found a hero

The 17th release «On the edge» on Rossiya-2 channel was devoted to enucleation of stun gun impact. Physiologist and electronics engineer were involved into research by Aleksander Koltovoy, the author and the linkman of the programme. To compare instrument readings and personal sensations Aleksander decided to try all electric shockers on himself.

как электрошокер воздействует на человекаHe took three shockers: weak, the middling and the powerful (all esimates were given by Kolotovoy). Programme producer Vasiliy apply all three electric shockers to Aleksander. The results have approved forward estimates. The first was nothing out of the common, the second was middling and the third was «powerful».

The powerful was our «Karakurt-A». We couldn't stay on the sidelines and didn't justice to Aleksander Kolotovoy! You must admit that to do that you should possess courage!

So we decided to compliment Aleksander with «Karakurt-A». It was a silver bullet and we both enjoy it!

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