Productive «Bezpeka»

The second time in this autumn  «MARCH GROUP» come back from Kiev where it has been presented corporate interests. This time it was the 18th kievan exhibition «Bezpeka» which means «Safety».

There was populous in «KievExpoPlaza» on the 15-18th of October. «Bezpeka» traditionally attracts a lot of specialists. MARCH's stand was popular as usual.  Watchmen always show a special interest for electric shock weapon. One in two visitors was ready to buy Karakurt or Malvina immidiately!

There were a lot of questions about the legitimacy of electric shock weapon in Ukraine. Since recently staff members of security firm can aplly electric shockers while their work. But the possibitility of use stun gun by civilians is not clearly defined. There is no express prohibition or univocal allowance in the legislation. We hope that relevant updates will be advised.

Exept electric shock weapon «MARCH GROUP» produces different special accessories. Specifically inspection device «Periscop-185» with the set of change mirrors and photodiode backlighting. This device is applied for cargo screening, inspection of less accessible areas. Interest in this devives was much higher than we expected.

The production of «MARCH GROUP» is long familiar. It will be popular in Ukraine at an early date. Everything is heading in that direction. Full information about the company and catalog of products.

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