«MARCH GROUP» Kiev Meetings

«MARCH GROUP» presented its products on the 10-th international exhibition «Arms and Security-2013». It was the second MARCH's visit to the kiev forum of armoureres.

According to the results, the company will become a permanent panellist. There was noticed a great interest in the products , because of the legislation amendments in Ukraine.  Now watchmen are allowed to use electric-shock weapon. Of course, ukrainian private security companies direct attention to MARCH's stand on the exhibition.

«MARCH» has demonstrated both well-known in Russia trade-off models and revolutionary products.  The stand was popular during 4 days. Not only law enforcement personnel took an interest in products but also ordinary nationals. The neccesity of introduction  electroshock weapon to legal terrain arise long time ago. In conversations with Ministry of Home Affairs executives  there were describe readiness  to bring an issue to a close.

We can say that the results of «MARCH GROUP» participation in kievan forum are more than successful. The company is well known in Russia as a leader in development and production of electric-shock weapon. There are grounds for believing that products of «MARCH GROUP» company will become popular in Ukraine like they are in Russia. Full details about the company and its products read on marchgroup.ru.

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