The 18th International exhibition was held in Moscow Exhibition Center on the 21-24th of October. «MARCH GROUP» as usual took part in this arrangement.

It should come as no surprise that «MARCH GROUP» was its participant. The company develops and produces electric shock weapon and special devices for citizens, police and security agencies. For example, inspection device «Periscop-PRO» with camera and screen monitor which  has been presented on the exhibition.

It's a multifunctional device. Periscope will help to find undetected car damages. It should be irreplaceable for customs inspection, constructors and others.«Periscop-185» with set of change mirrors was also popular among visitors.

There was a new device - «AIR-M140». It's a pistol-shaped stun gun. This year there were presented some new devices which go with it. The devices are gas patrons and flashlight.

Well-proven electroshock batons «Scorpion» were object of attention as usual.

«MARCH GROUP» has been working for more than 20 years. Meanwhile it has become a leading company among manufacturers of electric shock weapon and special accessories. Full details about the company and its products you can find on

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