INTERPOLITEX — 2021. Final

  • Stun guns «MARCH GROUP» at the INTERPOLITECH-2021 exhibition
  • Stun guns «MARCH GROUP» at the INTERPOLITECH-2021 exhibition
  • Stun guns «MARCH GROUP» at the INTERPOLITECH-2021 exhibition
The «MARCH GROUP» company, a leading manufacturer of electroshock weapons and security equipment, takes an active part in specialized exhibitions in different parts of the world. Of course, «MARCH GROUP» is a permanent participant of the INTERPOLITEX exhibition held in Moscow.

At the XXIV and XXV INTERPOLITEX exhibitions, the products of «MARCH GROUP» were presented at the stand of the state company Rosoboronexport. This year the following products were offered to the visitors of the exhibition:
  • Contact-remote electroshock device «AIR 107-U» - powerful shock batons, special means for the police. Shockers «AIR 107-U» have long been successfully used by employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and have established themselves as a reliable stopping weapon. They are produced in two versions (type 350 and type 250), which differ in length.
  • Contact-remote stun device AIR «M-140» is a unique stun gun of the 1st power class, made in the form of a pistol. The model is distinguished by a wide range of additional options (laser designator, built-in LED flashlight, battery level indicator and the number of shots fired, the ability to install a Picatinny rail). The performance characteristics of AIR «M-140» surpass the best examples of ESHU of foreign manufacturers.
  • Contact-remote electroshock device AIR «Scorpion-350» - a shooting shocker-baton, one of the most popular models.
  • Electroshock device of the 1st power class with the function of an electromagnetic metal detector «EM-411» («Cerberus») - a portable «two-in-one» product, a powerful stun gun and a metal detector, intended for use at access control points by employees of security services, customs control, units Ministry of Internal Affairs and FSB.
  • Electroshock shield «Skala» is a police shield, to the outer surface of which a striking discharge of a powerful stun gun is transmitted. The shield is available in two versions, with a built-in or removable electric shock device. In addition, an additional option is possible - surface treatment with a self-extinguishing coating. A special innovative coating prevents the spread of the flame and actively contributes to its extinguishment. A self-extinguishing shield will facilitate the performance of duties for employees of power units in the event that violators use bottles with incendiary mixtures.

The audience of the exhibition is representatives of law enforcement agencies and law enforcement agencies, private security agencies, agencies for the prevention and elimination of emergencies. Visitors to the Rosoboronexport stand showed considerable interest in the developments of MART GROUP. The special attention of security officials was attracted by «CERBERUS», a high-precision metal detector for screening individuals, with a built-in stun gun of the 1st power class.

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