• Interpolitex-2020. The exposition of March Group is interactive and always attracts wide attention. Visitors can not only get answers to their questions about electroshock weapons, but also try out shooting shockers in action.

XXIV International Exhibition Interpolitex-2020, provided with the latest development tools in the field of security, will be held on the 20-23 of October in the 57-th pavilion of VDNKh. March Group, a leading Russian developer and manufacturer of electric shock weapons, will also present its products at the exhibition.

Since its inception, INTERPOLITEX exhibition has become the largest international event. The first one was held in 1992. It gathered 50 participants who demonstrated their products to 2,200 visitors. In 2019 372 companies took part in the exhibition, and more than 20,000 people from 98 countries visited it, including 54 official delegations from 49 countries.

The March Group company regularly takes part in international industry exhibitions in different countries. INTERPOLITEX is not an exception. The exposition of March Group is interactive and always attracts wide attention. Visitors can not only get answers to their questions about electroshock weapons, but also try out shooting shockers in action.

On the 24-th International Exhibition Interpolitex March Group will present its products on the ROSOBORONEXPORT exhibit rack. ROSOBORONEXPORT is the only one state corporation-intermediary for the export and import of military and dual-use products and technologies. This invitation to a joint exposition can be considered a recognition of the successful work of Mart Group at the domestic level. The company will present its developments not only on its own behalf, but also publicly.

Needless to say, the March Group was very scrupulous in choosing products for the exhibition.

Exhibition visitors can become acquainted with the following products:

  • Contact-remote electroshock device «AIR-107U» is a powerful shock baton designed exclusively for police use. These models have been successfully used by employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for a long time, and have established themselves as a reliable weapon with a stopping effect. They are produced in two versions (type 350 and type 250), different in length.
  • Contact-remote stun device AIR «M-140» is a unique1st power class stun gun, made in the form of a pistol. In addition to the shape, it differs from other models by the wide range of additional options (laser designator, built-in LED flashlight, battery level indicator and the number of fired shots). AIR «M-140» technological characteristics are superior to the best examples of foreign electroshock devices.
  • Hybrid 1st power class electroshock device with the function of an electromagnetic metal detector «EM-411» («Cerberus») is intended for use at access control points by employees of security services, customs control, units Ministry of Internal Affairs and FSB.
  • Electroshock shield «Skala» is a police shield. There is a striking discharge of a powerful stun gun on the outer surface. The shield is available in two versions, with a built-in or removable electric shock device. More of that, there is an additional option - self-extinguishing surface treatment. A special innovative coating prevents the spread of the flame and actively contributes to its extinction. A self-extinguishing shield will facilitate the performance of duties for employees of power units in the event that violators use bottles with incendiary mixtures.

«Cerberus» and «Skala» represent a new direction of March Group development - hybrid multifunctional security equipment. The concept is to combine the functions of several devices in one product. March Group specialists managed to develop two-in-one products without compromising the functionality of each of the devices. These developments are unique, and the hybrid devices «Skala» and «Cerberus» have no analogues in the world.

All interested are welcome to the International Exhibition of State Security Means INTERPOLITEX-2020. Marсh Group products will be presented at the exhibition stand of the state company ROSOBORONEXPORT.

  • Date of the INTERPOLITEX-2020 - on the 20-23d of October;
  • Location - VVC, the 57th Pavillion, 57EO-1 exhibition stand (ROSOBORONEXPORT);
  • Get the e-ticket.
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