Electroshock device AIR «M-140» (manuf. P)

AIR «M-140» (manuf. P) is effective both in shooting or contact modes.

AIR «M-140» (manuf. P) is used in a remote mode with a cartridge «UTED» (type 01) to aim a target at the distance up to 4.5 meters. Great accuracy in firing (shooting with angle 0,5°). 10 cm between probes is maximum. Easy to get even a moving target.


  • Integrated laser sight and LED light used for target acquisition;
  • Dataport: power and time indicator; stores time and date of firing;
  • Demountable rechargeable Li-Pol accumulator (the charger in a set).
  • The base model: voltage 70÷120 000 V, power 3÷10 W

The stun gun AIR «M-140»

Model Color Power Source Label color
AIR «M-140» (manuf. P) Black Li-Pol Blue
Specifications Features
  1. Output specifications1-2
    • Wave form: monopolar pulse.
    • Pulse duration: 60÷70 µs.
    • Peak loaded voltage: 1700÷2500 V.
    • Energy per pulse: 42 mJ.
    • Power rating delivered into load: 10 Watts.3
  2. Temperature range:
  3. Li-Pol cells: -15ºC to 50ºC
  4. Relative humidity: up to 98%
  5. Power source: demountable Li-Pol accumulator.
  6. Housing: high impact polymer.
  7. Cartridge available up to a maximum range of 4.5 meters.
  8. The average accuracy in shooting consists 5÷10 cm between probes.
  9. Patent: Russia 2156940 and others.
  1. Integrated laser sight and LED light (used for target acquisition).
  2. Capable of drive-stun with worked out cartridge4 or without a cartridge installed.
  3. Dataport: integrated charge level LED power indicator, time; stores date and time of firing.
  4. Electrical charge can penetrate up to 3,5 cm cumulative of clothing or 2,5 cm per probe.
  5. Warranty: 1 year standard with extended warranties available5.
  6. Fully charged battery provides not less than 150 firings.
  7. For Li-Pol cells a charger is available.
  8. Compatible with all MARCH GROUP cartridges.
Physical Characteristics (Dimensions without cartridge)
Length (L) Height (H) Width (W) Weight
154±2 mm 42±2 mm 114±1 mm 250±30 g

1 Output specifications may vary depending on temperature, battery charge, and load characteristics.
2 Output specifications derived from 1000 Ω (Ohms) resistive load measurements.
3 For law enforcement electroshock devices.
4 Cartridge is current-conducting, there is no need to put it off after shooting for drive-stun impact. Use of cartridge not authorized by March Group will void the product warranty.
5 Additional terms and conditions may apply.


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