On October 22-25, the main exhibition venue of the country - VVC - will host the 23rd International Exhibition of State Security Means INTERPOLITEX — 2019. As in previous years, the exhibition will be attended by the company «MARCH GROUP» - a leading Russian manufacturer of stun guns and security equipment.

The exhibition will be located in three halls of Pavilion No. 75, and will occupy an area of ​​25,500 square meters. 470 manufacturers and companies from 15 countries will present their developments, and more than 20,000 specialists from 46 countries will visit the exhibition.

The exhibition exposition will consist of four thematic sections: the «Tsifropol» exhibition of police equipment; exhibition « The Russian National Guards»; the exhibition «Border», and the Forum of the non-state security sphere «Safe Capital». The organizers of INTERPOLITEX-2019 are the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, the Federal Service of the National Guard of the Russian Federation.

For several years now, at the INTERPOLITEX exhibition, the «MARCH GROUP» company has successfully presented its developments. The exhibition activity of the company goes far beyond the borders of Russia. «MARCH GROUP» company actively participates in relevant exhibitions around the world: Kazakhstan, Egypt, France, and other countries where major security forums are held.

The company's exposition is based on various models of police and civilian shooting stun guns. «MARCH GROUP» company was the first among Russian manufacturers to develop a contact-remote (firing) stun gun. Such a weapon allows you to influence the enemy not only in contact with him, but also at a distance of up to 4.5 meters.

The company also offers a wide range of various accessories for electroshock devices: cartridges, covers, holsters, nozzles «Lantern» and «Siren», etc. The use of accessories makes the use of weapons more efficient, and storage and carrying - convenient.

Recently, «MARCH GROUP» has been actively developing a new direction: the creation of unique multifunctional hybrid security tools for special forces. Such devices have no analogues, and combine the functions of several products. Out of the already completed developments, the exhibition will feature an electric shock police shield «Skala» with the option to extinguish the flame, and a metal detector «Cerberus» with an integrated shocker.

«Cerberus» («EM-411») is a combination of a vortex metal detector and a stun gun of the 1st power class. In case of inadequate or aggressive behavior of the searched person, «Cerberus» will help security officers quickly stop illegal actions.

Shield «Skala» is released in several versions, with a built-in or removable stun gun device. The outer surface of the shield is treated with a special composition that extinguishes the flame. This option will prove to be very useful if incendiary mixtures are used by intruders.

The company «MARCH GROUP» invites you to visit the stand of the company No. 1B1-3 in Pavilion 75, Hall A.

Time and place of the exhibition

You can get information about electroshock weapons that interests you, make a shot from a shooting shocker at a target, get acquainted with product samples.

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