INTERPOLITEX-2019. The results.

  • firing stun guns at the exibition
  • firing stun guns at the exibition
  • firing stun guns at the exibition
  • firing stun guns at the exibition

The 23rd exhibition of state security means INTERPOLITEX — 2019 was held on October 22-25 at the 75th pavilion of VDNH. This is one of the largest trade fair events in the world. The Moscow International Exhibition was attended by over 20,000 security specialists from around the world.

About 500 manufacturing companies from 15 countries exhibited new developments and technologies. Among them was the Moscow company «MARCH GROUP», which regularly presented its products at INTERPOLITEX, and many other international exhibitions.

At the company's booth, visitors to the exhibition got acquainted with samples of firing stun guns, various models of which are intended both for self-defense of citizens and for employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The ability to make a training shot from a shocker at a target for many aroused enthusiasm and a desire to immediately try out the possibilities of contact-remote ESH.

Novelties were also presented - multifunctional hybrid special equipment that has no analogues in the world. This is the «SKALA» electric shock police shield and the «CERBERUS» shock-metal detector.

«Cerberus» is a vortex metal detector and a stun gun of the 1st power class in one case. Transfer to shocker mode is carried out by pressing one button, the employee will be able to instantly stop the illegal actions of the searched person.

The «SKALA» shield is made in several versions, with a removable or integrated ESH. The surface of the shield is treated with a special flame-extinguishing compound. If violators use incendiary mixtures, this will help protect employees from burns.

Both the novelties and the products already familiar to the experts aroused considerable interest both among professionals and ordinary citizens.

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