Training knife «COACH» with cut imitation

  • Training knife «COACH» with cut imitation

A shock knife with sound-and-light indication and imitation of a cut is perfect for competitions and training. Knife options are useful to a fighter both for practicing knife fighting techniques (indication) and for defense (imitation of a cut).

The impact of electric current is small and does not cause serious pain or any harm to health. To avoid unpleasant effects the trainee has to quickly develop the necessary defense skills.

The handle with a guard provides a comfortable grip, the knife will not slip out of the hand from a sudden movement. Weight and balance are common in knives.

The development of training knives was carried out in cooperation with representatives of sports clubs and the National Guard of the Russian Federation.


The knife is made of two-component polyurethane rubber. «COACH» is truly safe because of its durable and flexible rubber edge.

Perfect balance

An seasoned campaigner is good with any knife. But a beginner needs a knife with good balance. The weight of the training knife is close to the weight of the original. The handle is devoid of ergonomic recesses so that the trainee can master any knife.

Frost proof

Working out in the gym is one thing, but working out outdoors in the winter is another. KOCH is ready for anything. The material of the knife will retain elasticity and strength in all conditions.

Wear property

Experience shows that combination knives can break during training. Our polyurethane training knives have optimal characteristics of hardness, strength and elasticity.

Bright colors

Different colors are not a tribute to beauty or fashion. This is the practical component of training, which helps the coach to see all the contacts of opponents in the heat of battle.

General characteristics

  • Blade length: 141 mm
  • Power: 0.28 W
  • Power source: Li-Pol battery
  • Charging: USB Type-C
  • Weight: 200±20 g

In terms of weight, dimensions, ratio of the lengths of the blade and handle, the training knife should be as close as possible to the original. Unlike light plastic dummies, the polyurethane copy of the knife is ideal for training.

The guard prevents the hand from slipping, preventing self-harm. Although copies of knives do not have a sharp blade, the presence of a guard on them is also important. The handle should be comfortable enough and always non-slip. Avoid unnecessary comfort and ergonomic recesses so that the trainee is ready to wield any knife.

Technical documentation and Descriptions

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