AIR-140 «Malvina-A» (250)

The electroshock baton AIR-140 «Malvina-A» (250) is made of lightweight and high-impact fiberglass. The device superficially resembles fold umbrella and goes unnoticed.

Unique «March Group» technology consists in small distance between probes during the shooting. You will not overshoot!

  1. Output specifications1-2
    • Wave form: monopolar pulse.
    • Peak open circuit arcing voltage: 70 000÷120 000 V.
    • Power rating delivered into load: 3÷10 Watts.3
  2. Temperature range:
  3. Ni-MH cells: -20ºC to 50ºC
  4. Relative humidity: up to 98%
  5. Power source: Ni-MH accumulator.
  6. Housing: high impact fiberglass.
  7. Cartridge available up to a maximum range of 4.5 meters.
  8. The average accuracy in shooting consists 5÷10 cm between probes.
  1. Capable of drive-stun with worked out cartridge4 or without a cartridge installed.
  2. Electrical charge can penetrate up to 3,5 cm cumulative of clothing or 2,5 cm per probe.
  3. Warranty: 1 year standard with extended warranties available5.
  4. Fully charged battery provides not less than 200 firings.
  5. For Ni-MH cells a charger is available.
  6. Compatible with all MARCH GROUP cartridges.
Physical Characteristics (Dimensions without cartridge)
Length (L) Diameter (D) Weight
260±2 mm 40±1 mm 280±20 g

1 Output specifications may vary depending on temperature, battery charge, and load characteristics.
2 Output specifications derived from 1000 Ω (Ohms) resistive load measurements.
3 For law enforcement electroshock devices.
4 Cartridge is current-conducting, there is no need to put it off after shooting for drive-stun impact. Use of cartridge not authorized by March Group will void the product warranty.
5 Additional terms and conditions may apply.


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