Unit of transportation of the electrical discharge «UTED»

Unit of transportation of the electrical discharge «UTED» is intended to transfer high-voltage discharges of the stun gun to the enemy on distance up to 4,5 meters.

It works by launching out two probes from a disposable cartridge. 4,5 meters to the target is well thought out distance. Why?

From the experience of Special Forces is known that the most typical distance to clash is 3-5 meters, rarely up to 8 meters. The distance down to 2-3 meters is in fact «direct contact» with the enemy. A distance of 10 meters and more is implemented rarely and mostly in combat situations, when you should reflect an attack of numerous group of people.

That is why cartridges shoot at an optimal distance - up to 4,5 meters. Great accuracy in tasing (shooting with angle 0,5°) provides only 15 cm between probes. You will not overshoot! And the distance between probes doesn`t depend on a distance of shooting. Easy to get even a moving target.

Name Value
Type Сartridge
Material Plastics
Appropriation For non-military weapon
Length 70,5±1 mm
Width 45±1 mm
Height 15±1 mm
Weight No more than 45±5 g.



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Company «MARCH» It ensures the correct operation of the cartridge only with own-produced electroshock devices!


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