Remote distance electric cartridge (article «DEC»)

Remote distance electric cartridge (article «DEC») is used with the law enforcement stun guns. Cartridge is intended for remote impact.

Two small probes are attached to the cartridge by insulated conductive wires. The length of current-conductive wires is 4, 5 m. Stun gun transmits electrical pulses along the wires and into the body affecting the sensory and motor functions of the peripheral nervous system.

The current must pass between the probes.

Expressly prohibited using this device on distance less than 1 m.

Offender can’t break the electrical circuit. The probes strong pull leather clothes.

For loading point the stun gun in a safe direction. Cartridge is installed to mounting socket between electrodes. It should be turned clockwise to the max.
If a wire breaks, the current will not flow to the probes and an additional deployment may be required. Drive-stun may still be available.


Name Value
Type Сartridge
Material Plastics
Appropriation For law enforcement electroshock devices
Length 70,5±1 mm
Width 45±1 mm
Height 15±1 mm
Weight No more than 45±5 g.



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