The XXII international exhibition of INTERPOLITEX means was held on October 23-26 in pavilion No.75 of the Exhibition of Economic Achievements Exhibition in Moscow. The exhibition attracts manufacturers of security equipment and representatives of relevant structures from different countries. Every year at the exhibition INTERPOLITEX presents its products the company «MARCH GROUP».

Visitors to the exhibition had the opportunity not only to examine samples of contact-stun guns from «MART GROUP», but also to test them in action. Training shots at the target perfectly demonstrate the defensive capabilities of shooting shockers!

In addition to the range of electroshock weapons and accessories to it, at the company's booth one could see a whole range of inspection devices designed for inspecting vehicles, cargo, and hard-to-reach places of premises and mechanisms. Inspection and video inspection devices «Periscope-185» and «Periscope-PRO» have already established themselves and are successfully used by customs and security officers.

The attention of experts attracted samples of multifunctional hybrid special tools. The unique development of «MARCH GROUP», these special tools combine the functions of several devices, and are intended for employees of the security forces of the Russian Federation.

The products representing this new direction in the development of special means include a stun shield with the option of extinguishing a flame and a metal detector with an integrated shocker. Experts believe that the hybridization of special equipment is a very promising direction, and the company continues to work on the creation of new devices.

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