• Итоги участия в выставке АРМИЯ-2019
  • Итоги участия в выставке АРМИЯ-2019

The anniversary, fifth International Forum «ARMY-2019» has ended. The «MARCH GROUP» company took part in the events of the forum. At its booth in the exhibition hall, the company demonstrated product samples, including new items.

From the first year of its operation, ARMY has become the largest demonstration event in the field of military equipment, weapons, equipment, special means and technologies. At the anniversary exhibition, more than 26 thousand exhibits from more than 1250 exhibitors from different countries were presented.

In addition to the exposition at the Patriot Convention and Exhibition Center, the forum events were also held at the Kubinka airfield and the Alabino training ground. In general, the forum program turned out to be rich and spectacular, visitors did not remain indifferent!

To demonstrate the products of «MARCH GROUP» company, a test site or an airfield is not required; a stand in the exhibition hall is enough. Meanwhile, this booth attracted well-deserved attention of both specialists and visitors. The company introduced its main products, shooting stun guns, among which there are both civilian models and law enforcement electroshock devices for power units.

In addition, visitors to the exhibition were able to get acquainted with new developments in the field of hybrid multifunctional special equipment. These products combine the functions of several devices. The company introduced the Scala electric shock police shield and the Cerberus metal shock detector.

Special attention was attracted by the novelty, the training knife «COACH» with the option of imitating a cut. Such a knife will significantly increase the effectiveness of hand-to-hand combat training.

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