Electric shockers and Testing

MARCH's electric shock weapon is composed of self-engineered products. All of them took into account introduction of new technologies and Research and Advanced Development. Products are systematically tested on the each production stage. These facts provide safe and sustainability of products and instil confidence in quality conformance.

1. There are incoming control, in-process control and acceptance inspection in industries.QC department multiple check efficiency, sustainability and safety before the article will get to warehouse. Some examinations are carried out destructive testing method. 

2. Manufactures are under sampling yearly tests. They perform not only in industries, QC department and in accredited laboratory but in process-specialized laboratories. Sampling tests are destined for regular quality control and stability control of technical process. During these testings electric shockers undergo stability test on mechanical (crashworthiness, vibration strength) or climatic effects.
Such testings are perfomed in special machine vibration and constant climate chambers where environment conditions are recreated (for example, temperature from -20 to +50 С˚ or high humidity) which allow to say that MARCH's stun guns

3. Certification tests carry out in accredited laboratories on the yearly base.

4. «MARCH GROUP» carry out type-tests if  there is a necessity of adaptation or improvement. Such examinations let the company ensure in correctness of changes. They should't have an adverse effect on engineering specifications and use of product (including the safe impact).

5. Medical trials are perfomed on the  stage of creation and commercial distribution. Efficiency checking is held comparative method on the rabbits and pigs. Test for human are legislatively forbidden in Russia.

Measuring equipment which specialists use in testings are yearly verified by National service of legal metrology or by another accredited laboratories. It is done to conformity of measuring equipment with the specifications.

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