Electric Shield «Skala». Type 01 (removable electroshock device)

A new MARСH’s development will make police shield more functional. The innovation is in unification of the two items of interior ministry member’s equipment: shield and AIR-107 «Scorpion-A» (350) electroshock device.

Main difference of this shield from the first one is that the stun gun is removable and it can be used either with the shield or independently. 

The shield with removable stun gun is manufacture doff impact-resistant casted polycarbonate and it fulfills two functions simultaneously – the shield and the stun gun.

The shield with removable stun gun consists of:

  • impact-resistant body of the shield and a network of current-conducting foil distributed over the front surface of the shield; 
  • removable electroshock device; 
  • catcher (to install the shocker); 
  • handle for additional reliable control of the shield;
  • top and bottom handles;  
  • fuse and “Start” button are located near the lower handle.
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