Visual Inspection Device «Periscop-PRO» (type 03, with a recording unit)

This video inspection device is intended for visual examination of objects (motor vehicles, plane compartments or trains, etc.) to detect suspicious items (explosive substances, weapon, containers with drugs, etc.), video- and photo-recording and remote video-signal transmission to external device (TV set, video-signal recording unit, video-recorder)* If necessary, the search can be recorded on a microSD-card.**


  • Telescopic handle 955 ± 10 mm … 1730 ± 10 mm (without battery, base camera, monitor, recording unit, radio transmission unit and additional equipment)
  • Removable Ni-MH battery 12, 2000 mA/h. Time work without recharging the battery - up to 5 hours
  • Removable waterproof 7 inch monitor with a removable visor
  • Moisture and dust protection not less than IP-54
  • Light weight (1.5 kg when a Ni-MH battery is used)
  • Removable PAL colour camera with automatic IR illumination, matrix resolution 542 x 492 px
  • Quick and easy battery change (convenient magnetic latch for battery replacement)
  • Operating temperature range — -20…+50°С

Additional characteristics (by agreement with customer)

  • Possibility of replacement of the IR camera with a 12 mm endoscope camera with LED-backlight, 1 m long.
  • Removable Li-ion battery 12V, 2400 mA/h. Time work without recharging the battery - up to 6 hours.
  • Possibility of replacement of the monitor with video glasses.


The periscope-PRO video inspection device is available in four versions. Each performance is equipped with a specific set of options.

Additional options

  • *Ability to transmit video signal wirelessly over a radio channel to a TV-set (up to 100 m) (type 02 and type 04)
  • **Recording 32 Gb of video (AVI) or photos (jpg) on an microSD card in manual and automatic mode (motion sensor) (type 03 and type 04)

Equipment (type 03, with a recording unit)

  • «Periscop-PRO»
  • Picture monitor
  • Ni-MH battery
  • Camera
  • + Block record photos and videos
  • + microSD card to 32GB

Technical documentation and Descriptions

Dimensions, weight and specifications are for reference only.
*Additional options of products in line with customer and cost base are not included.
Product video

Application form

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