Сәлем Қазақстаннан! Results of Participation in KADEX -2014

International exhibition of weapons systems and military equipment KADEX-2014  was held within the period from May 22 to May 25 in Astana city. «MARCH GROUP» took part in this arrangement for the second time.

208 companies from 28 countries participated in the exhibition which was held in military section in the International airport of Astana. More than 300 samples of military machinery were demonstrated in pavilions and open areas.

KADEX exhibit was divided on five topic sections. «MARCH GROUP» stand was opened in  «Weapons and Military Equipment of Ground Forces and Naval Forces» section. «MARCH GROUP» has been working for more than 20 years.  People knew «MARCH GROUP» products not only in Russia but in more than 10 countries.

Not only well-proven models such as «Malvina», «Karakurt» and «Scorpion» but new product «Karakurt-Mini» were presented on the exhibition. It's the smallest  model in MARCH's product line.  Due to customisation opportunity and original design «Mini» is popular with youth.

Wide audience and specialists took an interest in  MARCH's products. There is a wide variety of stun guns in product catalogue which are meant for power ministries and civilians.

You could easily get any information about electric shock weapon and it's usage rules, try target shooting, take a look more closely at stun guns and toch it on the stand.

Based on the results of  KADEX-2014 we can declare with certainty that electric shock weapon enjoy huge popularity. Electric shock devices have recommended themselves as non-lethal weapons for power ministries and as defense weapon for civilians. Interest in this weapon is ever-increasing.

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