Milipol Paris 2019

The capital of France has long been a traditional location of major international arms and security forums. The EUROSATORY and EURONAVAL exhibitions have been held in Paris since the late 60s, and the history of the Le Bourget Aerospace Show began back in 1908.

The first MILIPOL Paris exhibition was held in 1984. The initiator of the event was the French Ministry of the Interior with the assistance of other government bodies. The exhibition is dedicated to national safety aspect. It is difficult to overstate the global relevance of this problem, and therefore MILIPOL Paris quickly gained the status of the most important international forum. At the 20th anniversary exhibition of 2017, the development of 1,005 exhibits was presented, and 29939 specialists from 151 countries visited the exhibition. Statistics showed that 46% of visitors were government organizations, and 54% were private companies.

Moscow company «MARCH GROUP» traditionally takes part in this exhibition. «MARCH GROUP» has been working for over 25 years, and today it is a leading developer and manufacturer of security guard in Russia. Electroshock devices and other developments of the company are well-known all over the world.

At the MILIPOL Paris 2019 exhibition the «MARCH GROUP» be found side by side to AO FNPC Scientific Research Institute of Applied Chemistry, the lead plant of the Russian pyrotechnic industry.

«MARCH GROUP» will present in Paris a wide range of original developments. First of all it will be civilian and police shooting stun guns.

«MARCH GROUP» is a leading supplier of electroshock devices in Russia and the CIS countries. The popularity of the company is comparable to the popularity of the American company Tizer on its continent. Continuing the comparison, we can say that in many ways Russian contact-remote stun guns are superior to the models of the American company. MARCH GROUP shockers are 100% safe. There is no lethal case using MARCH GROUP stun guns within 25 years. With that the company's shockers prove time and again that they are effective as stopping and immobilizing weapon.

Visitors will be able to see and test shooting stun guns of various model lines. Target training shots always attract visitors.

«MARCH GROUP» will present multifunctional hybrid special equipment that has no analogues in the world.These devices are intended for use by employees of power units, and combine the functions of several products. Work on devices is ongoing. Today two developments are ready: electric shock police shield «SKALA» and the metal detector with the electric shock function «CERBERUS».

«SKALA» shield is produced in several versions. The stun gun can be removable or built-in. There is also a version for protection against flammable liquids (such as the Molotov Cocktail). The surface of the shield is covered with a special composition that extinguishes the flame and prevents it from fire spreading.

The metal detector «CERBERUS» is intended for use by security personnel at access control points. During the inspection, the detector will help detect cold steel and firearms, and other items prohibited from being carried. The powerful stun gun built into the device will help the operator quickly respond to the manifestation of aggression by the searched person.

We invite you to visit the «MARCH GROUP» company booth: Pavilion 5A, booth No. 5K068.

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