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For the first time, the ARMY Forum was held in 2015, and since then it has become one of the largest and most significant international events in the field of presenting the latest developments in weapons, military equipment, equipment and special means. The forum program consists of two parts: scientific and business and demonstration. The events of the ARMY Forum are held at the Patriot Convention and Exhibition Center, at the Kubinka airfield and at the Alabino training ground.

For several years the group of companies «MARCH» has been taking part in the demonstration program of the forum and presenting its products: civilian electroshock self-defense weapons and electroshock devices for the police and special forces. In the company's catalog - firing stun guns-batons for the police; electroshock device with metal detector function «Cerberus»; electroshock police shields «Skala»; as well as inspection and video inspection devices «Periscope-185» and «Periscope-PRO» for inspecting vehicles, cargo and hard-to-reach places of building structures and mechanisms.

MARCH GROUP Ltd is the first Russian company that has developed and launched on the market contact-remote stun guns and cartridges for remote use. Visitors to the ARMY forum will have the opportunity to try out contact-distance shockers and make a shot at a target.

Invite you to visit the spectacular events of the ARMY-2021 forum and the stand of the MARСР GROUP company #Stand 2F4-1 (Pavilion B).

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